About Global8Link

Global8Link is a Dubai based investment company that invests in sectors that offer high growth potential. The company principal investment and co-investment interests span various sectors, including global geolocation, security services, emergency medical care service and also, leisure.

Global8Link primary investments are in Mozambique, South Africa and Portugal.

Visa Segurança

Visa Segurança is a Mozambique company founded in 1995. Headquartered in South Africa, its commercial focus builds on noted in the products, physical and technological security services.

Based on emerging security service needs on the African continent, we are currently in Mozambique and South Africa.



ER24, a provider of services in health and bowel movements (land and air), has 30 employees in permanent service in Mozambique (Maputo). We have teams specializing in paramedical care and resources in the air and land evacuations. So we can provide a value added service to basic need for survival.

XTRA - Radical Sports

XTRA – Radical Sports comes with the intention to provide power equipment for daily use and/or for pure leisure.

We looked at the market the best selection of products with cutting-edge technology that you will provide a more fun lifestyle, adventurous and flexible.

XTRA - Radical Sports

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